Human Resources Training And Development

It’s time to get your ROI!

Remember taking classes in school and commenting “I will never use this, I don’t know why I need to take this class?”  We were disengaged with the classes when we could not make a connection between the class and real life application.  It was a struggle to study, sit in class and disengagement was often realized in bad grades.


The same is true for training.   We each learn differently, we each process information differently and adult learners want to know “what’s in it for me?”

Training and professional development programs are only as effective as the return on investment realized.  Through our training, coaching and application process, training doesn’t end when class is over.  Participants apply training outcomes to professional and personal goals, may elect one on one coaching to assist in connecting training to the work place and apply what has been learned on the job in the form of deliverable outcomes - ROI!  


We believe training should be an integral part of the professional and personal development plan of the individual employee, tied to measurable goals, and coaching used as a tool to help the employee understand how to connect what was learned in training to the application of information in the workplace.  The result is a true measure of ROI for the organization. 

We offer custom training solutions for groups of employees with an individual touch.  Courses may be offered in traditional classroom style or self – directed web training where the individual follows a course curriculum designed just for them, along with 7access to a training coach and assistance measuring the ROI on their investment of time.  Doing so motivates and engages the employee and provides the organization with desired results.

Training topic areas include;

  • California AB1825 Supervisor Harassment
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales

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